Jim Beran

President & Co-Owner

Jim handles management and administration, leasing, finance, tenant Accounts Receivable, legal, contracts, payroll, etc.  If you want to rent a place, pay your rent, have questions about your rent or engage Joshua One Seven to manage your properties, Jim’s the guy to see.

He first learned to swing a hammer by helping his dad remodel their basement and has loved doing home improvement projects ever since.  Along the way, he has held various management positions with AT&T, First Chicago and Bank One, leading teams from 2 to 200+ in technology, marketing and strategic planning.  He first came to the UP in 2006 and, most recently, worked for 4 years at WLUC TV6, leaving that position in 2014 when it was clear that he had a face for radio and a voice for newspaper. He acquired his first rental property in 1999, and since then, his passion for providing safe, affordable homes for anyone in need has grown into his life’s work.

Chris Kostelansky

Vice President & Co-Owner

Chris oversees the maintenance crew, leading all of the maintenance, rehabilitation and contractor efforts needed to get and keep our properties in top condition.  He has been driving nails and ratcheting wrenches since he was a kid and, at one point in his career, was the maintenance manager for the Huron Mountain Club.  He has owned rental properties for decades, both residential and commercial.

Early in life, he built his own camp, including a home, garage, barn, and several other buildings.  Chris (aka Rev. Chris Kostelansky) is the pastor of Faith in Christ Fellowship, using his income from Joshua One Seven to “support his church habit.”  If we give him a little time to finish, he’ll soon be Dr. Kostelansky, as he’s scheduled to complete his PhD work in Theology in 2016.  We’re looking forward to putting up “The Doctor is In” sign at the maintenance office.

Mt. Marquette

Doris Kostelansky

Maintenance Administration

Doris handles maintenance work orders and owner billing, tracking work orders from initiation to invoicing.  If you call with a maintenance problem, you’ll probably speak to Doris.  She first came to the UP over a decade ago.  Her professional business experience includes management roles in multiple corporations in Malaysia, primarily in shipping and inventory management.  Doris also handles the company ruler in order to crack team members on the knuckles when they don’t sign out tools and parts.

Steve Parsons

Maintenance Executive

Steve is an experienced plumber, electrician, and HVAC technician. He came to the UP from Fox Lake, IL ,where he was a journeyman plumber.  Steve has an Associates Degree in Construction Management from Northern Michigan University and has worked in various trades and organizations during his career, most recently including cable-puller to installation manager for Charter Communications.

Steve is married and currently has 6 children in the Gwinn, MI school system.  In addition to his duties with Joshua One Seven, you can see him holding the yardage marker on the officiating crew at Gwinn High School home games.


Will Woolery

Wrench Commander

Will is an experienced construction worker and heavy equipment operator, recently relocated to the UP from Ohio with his “Coastie” wife that’s assigned to the US Coast Guard Station – Marquette.  Will’s experience in carpentry and equipment operation make him our primary guy for rehab and Bobcat work.  You probably won’t get a good look at him, as he’s FAST, and occasionally covered with paint and drywall muds.

Nick Keierleber

Painter Extraordinaire

Nick is our primary fix-it guy, responding to the typical day to day maintenance calls (e.g. my sink is leaking, my screen is ripped, I lost my keys, etc.) and performing unit turnover tasks (e.g. painting, clean-up, etc.).  A local resident and former maintenance man at Victory Lutheran Church, Nick is most likely the guy that will show up if you call Doris and say, “Hey, my {…insert problem here…} isn’t working.”


Brianna Berquist


Brianna joined us in 2016, as we expand our business to include professional cleaning services.  Brianna has held professional housekeeping and cleaning positions, but the squeaky-clean condition of her own home is what got her the job!  She puts the final shine on our units and is expanding our business to commercial accounts and single-family residences.