Jim Beran

President & Owner

Jim handles management and administration, finance, legal, contracts, payroll, etc.  If you want to engage Joshua One Seven to manage your properties, Jim’s the guy to see.

He first learned to swing a hammer by helping his dad remodel their basement and has loved doing home improvement projects ever since.  Along the way, he has held various management positions with AT&T, First Chicago and Bank One, leading teams from 2 to 200+ in technology, marketing and strategic planning.  He first came to the UP in 2006 and, most recently, worked for 4 years at WLUC TV6, leaving that position in 2014 when it was clear that he had a face for radio and a voice for newspaper. He acquired his first rental property in 1999, and since then, his passion for providing safe, affordable homes for anyone in need has grown into his life’s work.

Perry Findley

Maintenance Manager

Perry oversees the maintenance crew, leading all of the maintenance, rehabilitation and contractor efforts needed to get and keep our properties in top condition.  He’s been turning wrenches since early in life.  Learning car maintenance and repair as a kid eventually led to his Class A license and several years as an over-the-road truck driver.  I think he actually prefers to spend time driving around in our Bobcat!

Perry is currently pursuing certification as a contractor, so he’s got the paper to go with the skills.

Mt. Marquette

Amber Findley

Office Manager

Amber handles the office work, including leasing, account maintenance, billing, accounts payable and advertising.  If it’s paper, it’s probably Amber’s job.  She’s the first point of contact for our current and prospective tenants.

Amber has an associates of applied science in Criminal Justice and Criminology.  I’m pretty sure she uses her education to keep the rest of us in line.

James Blankenship


James is an experienced jack-of-all-trades, equally at home hanging drywall or repairing our equipment.  He has worked in a variety of industries and brings a wealth of experience to our team in lots of roles.  If it’s broke or not working, James can fix it.

Originally from Lancaster, CA (read that as high desert, with temps regularly above 110 degrees), he’s been in the UP for several years and now seems to be quite comfortable with snow.


Scott Leidenfrost


Scott is a certified mechanic, with lots of work on gas and diesel vehicles of all shapes and sizes.  He’s also got lots of experience with renovation efforts and appears to be equally comfortable with either a socket wrench or paint brush in his hand.  

An avid hunter, you may not see Scott coming, as he’s occasionally wearing camo gear.

Darian Prince


Darian helps put the sparkle on our units before we rent them, with some elbow grease and an eye for detail.  Ya know, a “have mop, will travel” kind of girl.  She’s got a young daughter, so we assume that she cleans our units because it’s easier to keep an empty unit clean than pick up after kids.  :-)


Brianna Berquist


Brianna joined us in 2016, as we expand our business to include professional cleaning services. Brianna has held professional housekeeping and cleaning positions, but the squeaky-clean condition of her own home is what got her the job!  She puts the final shine on our units and is expanding our business to commercial accounts and single-family residences.